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Agenda Seminars and residential studies Tumor Heterogeneity - Seminar organized by Patrick Mehlen from August 28 to  September 2. Cancer is a complex disease characterized by uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells in the body. While the initial vision was that of a

Agenda Seminars and residential studies Nervous system evolution - Seminar organized by Alain Chédotal from 3 to 8 July. The 21st century is marked by important advances in the field of developmental biology. The genomes are now sequenced, which allows us to know

On July 12, 2023, the Fondation des Treilles was invited to write the 10th chapter of Moviment organized by the Georges Pompidou Centre. By presenting the activities of the foundation, we recall the common history between the two institutions. It

Agenda Seminars and residential studies Chromosome regulation and epigenetics - Seminar organised by Jérôme Déjardin from June 5 to 10. Genomes supposedly contain all information supporting living organisms. However, how genomes are interpreted, regulated, maintained, or evolve and respond to environmental cues remain crucial questions. This

The opening of the Miserere exhibition, Georges Rouault's masterpiece, will take place at the abbey of La Celle, in the Var. Exhibition from May 13 to September 17, 2023 Free admission The abbey of La Celle hosts a set of 58

Agenda Seminars and residential studies Cancer Immunotherapy - Seminar organized by Antonio Coutinho from 8th to 13th of May. The latest advances in cancer immunotherapy will be discussed. Several questions will be asked : how does the immune system detect and eliminate tumor

Agenda Seminars and residential studies Women's Europe : from caves to the enlightenment age - Seminar organized by Sophie Lalanne from March 13 to 18. "L'Europe des femmes" is a collective enterprise born within the Mnémosyne association. The aim is to make accessible to a

Agenda Projet européen ECO, pour “European concepts online organized by Thomas Serrier, Kornelia Konczal & Valérie Rosoux. This project - a declared tribute to Umberto Eco - wants to show the conditions of possibility of a European space by reflecting on the barriers