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Application for the Musical Composition Prize

  -    -  Application for the Musical Composition Prize

If you wish to apply for the Fondation des Treilles Musical Composition Residency Prize, please submit the application form below with a complete reply no later than October 1st (form available during the application period).

Your application will be examined by the jury in November. You will be informed in December at the latest. Decisions are final and sovereign.


  • Applications for the prize are open to all professional composers, regardless of age or nationality.
  • Candidates must have already recorded or published musical works.
  • The project for which the candidate submits his/her application must be either under a contract of engagement or commissioned by a public or private institution (Opera House, Orchestra, AV producer etc.…). You cannot apply if the date of completion is prior to the date of residency.
  • Any musical genre is accepted.
  • The prize is awarded to a composer on the basis of a 3-month residency. This period may be divided into several short stays. The residency cannot exceed the duration awarded by the jury.
  • The prize is € 2650 per month but may vary according to the actual number of days of presence showing on the attendance sheet signed at the end of each month. The computation of days can be delivered upon request.
  • Travel costs as well as taxi transfers will be paid on one return journey basis accordingly with the foundation. The resident will pay any additional travel.
  • The Domaine des Treilles is private, closed to the general public. Invitations are strictly personal. Spouses and accompanying persons are not invited. Pets are not allowed.
  • The stay must take place during Les Treilles’ opening season only, from March to July and from September to November.
  • Commitments to the foundation after your stay
    1. Submit a short report (1 to 3 pages) describing the work experience at Les Treilles within two months after the end of the stay.
    2. Keep the Fondation des Treilles informed of the performance date and mention the Fondation des Treilles for each performance. If your score is published, please mention the following : “The Fondation des Treilles, created by Anne Gruner-Schlumberger, aims to foster dialogue between sciences, humanities and the arts in order to push forward creation and research. It hosts researchers, writers and photographers in Les Treilles (Var) “.
    3. Send a copy of your work to the Foundation’s music library.