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Residential study for large groups

  -    -  Residential study for large groups

The Fondation des Treilles estate, located in the south of France, has been created to offer suitable conditions for concentration and creativity. Residential studies for large and small groups are intended for all French and foreign researchers and creators. They are open to all fields of knowledge where creativity can express itself beyond the laboratory or the studio.

Residential study for large groups
5 to 15 people – 6 days

These residential studies are open to groups from 5 to 15 people and last 6 days (from Monday afternoon to Saturday morning). Contrarily to the seminars where a budget is allowed for the reimbursement of travel fares, in large residential studies travel expenses are entirely covered by the participants and/or the organizer(s). Nevertheless, transfers to and from Nice airport or Les Arcs Draguignan railway station are arranged and covered by the foundation. Accommodation is also supported by the foundation. Please note that invitations are strictly personal; spouses or guests are not allowed. Before applying, please read our accommodation conditions.

Within one month after the end of the residential study, the organizer must send a two-page summary of the meeting for publication on the foundation’s website AND a short synthesis in French (half a page) for the Board’s annual activity report.

Furthermore, the Fondation des Treilles expects its support to be acknowledged in any work or publication resulting from the residency; authors are invited to forward a copy of their publication.

How to apply?

The potential organizer submits a residential study proposal, for all disciplines, by completing the application form and sending it before the deadline. Please note that applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline for submission will not be considered.

Your application will be examined by the Scientific Council of the Fondation each year in November. The judgement of the Scientific Council, validated by the Board, is final. You will be informed of its decision in December of the same year.

When to apply?

To know when to apply for a residential study for a large group (5 to 15) at the Fondation des Treilles, please check the following page: application deadlines.

For any question, please send an Email to: