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Recognized as a public utility since 1986, the Fondation des Treilles welcomes researchers each year for seminars and residential studies in all fields of academic research. It encourages emerging research by awarding a prize to young researchers completing their thesis and to young doctors in order to encourage their return or their retention in French laboratories.

The foundation projects stimulate literary, musical and photographic creation through residencies and a lyric singing master class : the Voice Academy.

Located in the heart of the Var area, the Fondation des Treilles has also the mission of ensuring the influence and development of its heritage elements; it is listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments.

By supporting the Fondation des Treilles, you are joining a unique place conducive to creativity, reflection and exchange.

You can choose to allocate your donation to :

– research hosting activities within the framework of seminars or residential studies
the Young Researcher Prize
the Author’s Residency Prize
the Photography Prize 
the Musical Composition Prize
the Voice Academy

Or let the Fondation des Treilles decide how to use your donation.

For individual donors, donations made to the Fondation des Treilles are tax deductible (in France):

– up to 66% of the amount of the donation and up to 20% of taxable income
– up to 75% of the amount of the donation, within the limit of €50,000, when made under the IFI

For companies, donations are eligible for a tax reduction under the conditions set out in article 238bis of the General French Tax Code (i.e. 60%, according to the limits established by the aforementioned article).

Recognized as being of public utility, the Fondation des Treilles is also authorized to receive legacies, donations, usufructs and life insurance with exemption from inheritance tax.