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July 2023

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July 2023


Seminars and residential studies

Nervous system evolution – Seminar organized by Alain Chédotal from 3 to 8 July.

The 21st century is marked by important advances in the field of developmental biology. The genomes are now sequenced, which allows us to know all the genes expressed in many species. Thanks to technological developments such as microfluidics, it is now possible to perform analyzes at the level of the individual cell. New microscopy methods also make it possible to follow the development of organs with unprecedented precision. This generates huge amounts of data which is then processed by computer systems thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. This symposium will focus on the impact of these revolutionary new tools on our understanding of fundamental questions in developmental and evolutionary biology.

DNA Damage in mitosis: bringing two (un)related fields – Seminar organized par Renata Basto and Marie-Hélène Verlhac from July 17 to 22.

The Basto lab has recently initiated a new project focus on the study of WGD (Whole Genome Duplication) consequences using a variety of model systems that span from Drosophila, to mouse and human cancer cells in culture. In a study recently published by the Verlhac laboratory, it was shown that DNA damage can occur during female meiotic divisions. This is an emerging field and the seminar aims to associate for the first time expert laboratories in order to foster important collaborations in the promotion of a new field of research and favoring the translation of already existing knowledge in the domain of DNA damage to the domain of cell division.

« Spetses, a portrait ». The place of women in art in Greece – Residential study organized by Alexandra Roussopoulos from July 3 to 15.

Alexandra Roussopoulos’ book, « Spetses, a portrait », presents, through their works, a group of artists, some contemporary, others older, with close ties to Spetses. It contributes to highlighting the rich cultural dimension of the island, unfortunately erased by tourism in recent years. This book is part of the continuity of new projects such as the sculpture garden of the Greek artist Natalia Mela, recently inaugurated in the old port of Spetses. This set of sculptures inspired by Greek mythology and history was financed by Madame Anne Gruner-Schlumberger.

Childhood at war. From the judicial inquiry to the trial – Residential study organized by Milena Jaksic from July 10 to 29.

This book deals with the judicialization of children at war by international criminal tribunals. Based on a field survey combining observations of the trials, interviews with the main protagonists in the cases (judges, lawyers, legal assistants, experts) and analysis of the transcripts of the hearings, the book focuses on the conditions of production of the child soldiers in the judicial arena. Constantly struck with suspicion of inauthenticity, rarely admitted into evidence, these testimonies attest to the question of the place granted in the trials to children’s experiences of war violence. [Read more]


Author’s Residency

Eugène Ébodé

The project on which he is working during his stay at the Foundation is about the story of the young Neapolitan, Angelina Salomone. She will fall in love with a young priest, Francesco Saponaro, who returns from Africa where he spent his young years of priesthood. This love, at first secret then stifled by the two young people, will burst one stormy evening.  [Learn more]

Photograph’s Residency

Olivia Gay

Her project, provisionally entitled “Research”, will be carried out within the framework of the Foundation activities. From a research on the Mediterranean light and the links between painting and photography, she will endeavor to make visible the presence of the invited people (scientists, artists, external speakers) with the aim of questioning what really means “to seek » or how to make visible, through the photographic gaze, the world of ideas.

Composer’s Residency

Tomás Bordalejo

Our first winner of the new Composition Prize obtained the 2022 Sacem “Francis and Mica Salabert” Prize, is a laureate of the Banque Populaire Foundation, and in 2019 won the Tribune des Compositeurs de l’Argentine (TRINAC) prize. His work is part of a real compositional research marked by a constant dialogue with the arts, architecture, urban planning, or even philosophy. His project will focus on an instrument with deep Mediterranean roots and a history marked by migration: the mandolin. [Learn more]


“Moviment” at the Pompidou Centre

From May 3 to July 14 “Moviment” invites the public to experience a concentrate of the utopia of the Center Pompidou: the visual arts mingle with cinema, performance, music, speech… In the same space in constant metamorphosis, adjoin and follow one another works of the collection, meetings, projections, workshops, shows and performances.

From Wednesday July 12 to Friday July 14 – Chapter 10: It’s the bouquet!

A final chapter as brief as it is flamboyant. The works of the museum are honoured, with in particular Max Ernst, Victor Brauner or Takis, artists also emblematic of the collections of the Fondation des Treilles, invited to this final bouquet, in an exploration of new ways of creation.

“The Miserere” by Rouault

The Abbey of La Celle (Var) is home to Georges Rouault’s Miserere, a set of 58 engravings of exceptional quality, belonging to the collection of the Treilles Foundation. They were engraved from 1917 to 1927 by one of the most important representatives of sacred art of the 20th century. Exhibition visible until September 17, 2023. [More information]