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MSOP: Meetings of Sciences Open to the Public

  -    -  MSOP: Meetings of Sciences Open to the Public

Since 2016, every year high school students have met guest researchers at Les Treilles as part of seminars. To date, more than 800 high school students from the Nice Student Academy have discovered research careers through the MSOPs.

1- What is an MSOP?

Scientific meetings open to the public (MSOP) were created by the FSER Circle to allow high school students to meet and discuss with researchers on their research activities. The goal is to discover what basic research is, with the ambition to create new interests and new vocations and to train future generations. They are open to all academic disciplines.


MSOPs are “speed meetings” during which high school students discuss in small groups with a researcher. At each table, there are a scientist and 3 to 5 high school students. Every 12 minutes for an hour, the researchers change tables, which allows each student to meet up to 5 of them. 

The MSOPs are also an opportunity to introduce the foundation’s missions by showing high school students around the estate. While one group participates in meetings with researchers, another group visits the foundation, and vice versa. MSOPs are scheduled on Wednesday mornings from 9am to 11am.

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