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The Archives Prize of the André Gide – Jean Schlumberger Centre

  -    -  The Archives Prize of the André Gide – Jean Schlumberger Centre

The Archives Prize of the André Gide-Jean Schlumberger Centre

The Prize

The purpose of the prize is to encourage the writing of a study or an essay (literary, historical or artistic).

It is made up of both

  • an allowance of €2,650 per month, the duration of which may not exceed the number of months allocated by the steering committee,
  • a one-month stay in residence at the Fondation des Treilles, in particular to access documentary and archival collections

The candidates

Applications are open to all nationalities and all disciplines.

Candidates must justify their position (doctoral student from the 3rd year of thesis, post-doctoral student, associate researcher, artist, etc.)

A previous laureate may not reapply for the Prize.

Applications are received via an online form including a CV and a presentation of the research project.

All applications are evaluated by the steering committee  of the André Gide – Jean Schlumberger Centre, which designates a winner.

To know when to send your application, please refer to the activities deadlines.

For any information request, please write to the following address: 

The laureate

The winner receives a monthly grant of €2,650 and is welcomed at the Domaine des Treilles for a total duration of one month, the stay being possibly fragmented.

The Fondation des Treilles covers his/her travel expenses, for a round trip from his place of residence. His/her accommodation and meals are also provided by the foundation, which allows him/her to devote himself fully to his/her research project.

His/her house on the estate includes a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The winner must bring his personal computer.

When his/her research is completed, the laureate is invited to deposit a copy in the libraries of the two foundations.

You wish to apply to the Archives Prize of the André Gide – Jean Schlumberger Centre organized by the Fondation des Treilles and the Fondation Catherine Gide. Please fully complete the form below (available when applications are open). To find out when to submit your application, please refer to the activities deadlines.

The files are examined each year by the steering committee in September. The residency, lasting a maximum of one month, takes place the year following the deliberation. The decisions of the steering committee are sovereign. The opinions it issues are not communicated. You will be informed of its decision in October.