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Seminars FSER Seminar from May 13 to 18 Models of learning and decision-making: an inter-disciplinary approach Stefano Palminteri The goal is to bring together world-renowned experts in the scientific investigation of human learning and decision-making. During the meeting, original research will be presented around

Seminars April 1 - 6 The Mediterranean 8th-7th century BC. J-C : for a connected story. Seminar organized by Laetitia Graslin-Thomé and Arianna Esposito The objective of this seminar will be to give the most complete and educational vision possible of the Mediterranean of

AGENDA Seminars from March 4 to 9 Women's competition: the central Middle Ages. Seminar organized by Jan Rüdiger How sure are we that past societies, the central Middle Ages for example, were more sexist than ours? How to assess gender imbalance? In order to question,

Seminars and residential studies from 19th to 24th February Learning and teaching with system archetypes /apprendre et enseigner avec les archétypes de systèmes. Organized par Dennis Meadows and Gillian Martin Mehers Recent droughts, floods, pandemics and food shortages are just the first examples of

The photography prize & the Escourbiac - Fondation des Treilles prize For its 13th edition, the photo jury, chaired by Jean-Luc Monterosso, will meet at the end of January to study the candidates' applications and designate the 2024 winners of the

In our archives Jacqueline Hyde In our archives there are black and white photos of a great photographer, Jacqueline Hyde, friend of Anne Gruner, who died 10 years ago. Born in Berlin in 1922, she spent her childhood and adolescence in Paris where

Agenda Seminars and residential studies The Holy Earth Project - Seminar organized by Alessandro Morbidelli and Thorsten Kleine from November 6 to 11. This research project concerns the formation of protoplanetary disks, in which planetary formation begins. The objects of the solar system,

Agenda Seminars and residential studies Glass routes: exchange system in the medieval world - Seminar organized by Nadine Schibille from October 9 to 14. This interdisciplinary seminar addresses the social and economic history of glass production in the medieval Mediterranean by studying the

Agenda Seminars and residential studies Tumor Heterogeneity - Seminar organized by Patrick Mehlen from August 28 to  September 2. Cancer is a complex disease characterized by uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells in the body. While the initial vision was that of a

Agenda Seminars and residential studies Nervous system evolution - Seminar organized by Alain Chédotal from 3 to 8 July. The 21st century is marked by important advances in the field of developmental biology. The genomes are now sequenced, which allows us to know