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June 2024

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June 2024


Seminar from 10 to 15 June

Deep learning methods for biology: promises, challenges and pitfalls
Hervé Turlier, Virginie Uhlmann

Deep learning is an artificial intelligence method that is revolutionizing many areas of science and industry. This methodology, which is based on the training of deep artificial neural networks from a large dataset, has proven its effectiveness for solving or automating very complex tasks, particularly in the field of computer vision thanks to the advent of convolutional networks (image analysis, facial recognition, autonomous driving, etc.). “Deep-learning” has been enriched with many new methods and is being introduced into many scientific fields, particularly in chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics, and medicine.

FSER Seminar from 24 to 29 June
Meeting of the FSER laureates
Patrick Mehlen

This seminar will bring together the winners of the Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research. The excellence of research team leaders in the bio-medical field has been recognized by an endowment for their laboratory. These meetings will be an opportunity to share the progress of their work, which covers a wide diversity of fields in biology. This time will also allow us to review the actions and perspectives of the Cercle FSER association.

Residential Studies

The Great War of names : Victoire, Joffrette, Guillaume et les autres
Baptiste Coulmont, Nicolas Todd

The stay aims to make progress in writing a work on first names during the First World War. While the choice of first names began to obey, at the beginning of the 20th century, the mechanisms of fashion, made up of a craze for novelty and social differentiation of tastes, the Great War called this dynamic into question. The children are given the father’s first name again. Warlike nationalism makes certain choices impossible. Found or abandoned children are given a patriotic identity. In short, fashion stops. [learn more]

Archives Prize of the André Gide – Jean Schlumberger Centre

Vincenzo Mazza

is preparing the complete edition of the Correspondence Jean Schlumberger – Jacques Copeau (1905 – 1949). The birth of two myths: The NRF and the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier. In the mosaic of published correspondence concerning the circle of La Nouvelle revue française, that of Jean Schlumberger and Jacques Copeau – professional and friendly at the same time – is the real missing mosaic. [learn more]

The Photography Prize

Mohammed Mahdy

is a visual storyteller from Alexandria, Egypt. He has just arrived at the Foundation to work on his photographic project Here, The Doors Don’t Know Me, inspired by the plight of fishermen in the El Max neighborhood in Alexandria, threatened by a demolition project. Residents face the terrible prospect of their imminent displacement. [Learn more]

Author’s Residency Prize

Christophe Etemadzadeh

Memory and filiation are the main themes of his future work, which tells the story of a family as much as that of an individual. The first volume, Life without knowing, was devoted to the years of childhood; the second, which is currently entitled The Furtive Years, will evoke adolescence and entry into adulthood. [Learn more]

Musical Composition Prize

Harold Noben

During his residency at the Fondation des Treilles, Harold Noben is focusing all his work on the creation of his new opera for voice, orchestra and small choir. The subject of this one is an adaptation of Madame Bovary, a masterpiece by Gustave Flaubert, the libretto of which is produced by the author and director Michaël De Cock. [Learn more]