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May 2024

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May 2024


FSER Seminar from May 13 to 18
Models of learning and decision-making: an inter-disciplinary approach
Stefano Palminteri

The goal is to bring together world-renowned experts in the scientific investigation of human learning and decision-making. During the meeting, original research will be presented around three main axes. The first concerns our current understanding of the general computational and cognitive mechanisms underlying these processes; the second axis is about the conceptualization and investigation of inter-individual differences through neurotypical and atypical development; finally, the last axis will concern the way in which the resulting theories can be tested using data corresponding to complex and real behaviors.

Residential studies

Small residential study from May 21 to 31

The demography of rare species: building for whole forest prediction and assessment

Sean McMahon

The proposed meeting centers on tackling the “rare species problem” in tropical forests. Rare species are ubiquitous in tropical forests, and potentially vital components of these ecosystems, but their scarcity poses challenges for analysis and modeling. The meeting’s objective is to produce a biology-driven machine learning pipeline to assign demographic parameters for all species in two sample datasets using information from trait databases, phylogenetic relationships, and demographic theory. The three participants will produce a methodological manuscript along with the analytical code so the pipeline can be used on any dataset. The implications are significant, as this approach would vastly improve how global vegetation models can assign plant functional types across tropical forests.

The archives Prize of the André Gide – Jean Schlumberger Centre

Vincenzo Mazza

comes to prepare the complete edition of the Correspondence Jean Schlumberger – Jacques Copeau (1905 – 1949). The birth of two myths: The NRF and the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier. In the mosaic of published correspondence about the circle of La Nouvelle revue française, that of Jean Schlumberger and Jacques Copeau – professional and friendly at the same time – is the real missing mosaic.

[Learn more]

The Author’s Residency Prize

Christophe Etemadzadeh

Memory and filiation are the main themes of his future work, which tells the story of a family as much as that of an individual. The first volume, “La vie sans savoir” (Life without knowing), was devoted to the years of childhood; the second, which is currently entitled “Les années furtives” (The furtive years), will evoke adolescence and entry into adulthood. [learn more]

The Musical Composition Prize

Harold Noben

During the Residency at the Fondation des Treilles, he will focus all his work on the creation of his new opera for voice, orchestra and small choir. The subject of this one is an adaptation of Madame Bovary, a masterpiece by Gustave Flaubert, the libretto of which is produced by the author and director Michaël De Cock. [Learn more]

The Escourbiac- Fondation des Treilles Prize

Since April, we have welcomed at the Foundation Jeanne Taris, the 2024 prize winner. She is currently working on the development of a photo book around the Gypsy pilgrimages of the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and Lourdes cities, which will soon be published by the Odyssée editions. [Learn more]