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June 2021

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June 2021


Residential studies

Large groups residential studies

Shared problems, divergent methodologies, the crossed perspectives of historians and economists – organized by Alain Trannoy

The purpose of this large residential study is to bring together historians and economists under the gaze of a philosopher on methodological approaches and themes to compare the methods and results of research. The themes will be the use of data and sources, the question of causality in connection with the notion of counterfactual, and finally the restitution of knowledge to the reader, story or model or a mixed solution, the analytical story. The aim is to study how the disciplines work and how their objectives and their results are conditioned or not by the methodologies used. The theme of knowledge will occupy a prominent place.

Small groups or individual residential studies

Education to climate change – Pierre Léna

The Office for Climate Education was created in 2018. Its goal is to promote, in France and in developing countries, climate change education (Article 12 of the Paris Agreement), through educational resources and appropriate tools, in the spirit of La main à la pâte (science educational method). The possibility then arose of including this theme in the new high school programs, with a direct request from the Ministry of National Education. This book should therefore answer the following questions: why teach climate science and climate change? How to meet the expectations of young people on this subject? How to support teachers from primary school to the baccalaureate (A levels) to set up interdisciplinary education with active pedagogy? How is such education developing within the European Union, in developed and emerging countries, especially in Africa? How to introduce ethical concerns alongside scientific knowledge?


The Author’s residency Prize

Dimitri Bortnikov 

In June, we will welcome back our first winner of the author’s residency. His novel project, The Tomb of Parsifal, will evoke the theme of war, through the eyes of a Franco-Russian writer committed to the side of “pro-Western” rebels in the war in Ukraine. He will only live in war for a few months, but little by little will lose his illusions about justice, about right and good, and about the possibility for man to overcome violence. [find out more].

The Photography Prize

Sylvie Hugues 

At 12, Sylvie Hugues’ life changed. Her mother is murdered by her second husband, a Guardia Civil policeman. Added to the pain of mourning is that of exile. Her project “El Pueblo” is to build a book of texts and photographs to exorcise the demons of the past. [find out more]

40 years of research, creation and publications

“A protected place”

The Jean Schlumberger Cabinet is a protected place where a communion is established. Jean is close to me like no other person, he speaks to me and I entrust my sorrows to him, you can’t guess what role he plays in my life. This room is secret and I find hope and courage in it. ” Anne Gruner Schlumberger to Monique Hoffet (daughter of Jean Schlumberger), April 19, 1989.

In her later years, Anne Gruner Schlumberger continued to add to the archive collection dedicated to her uncle Jean, writer and co-founder of The NRF. Since then, this collection has been enriched by the acquisition of the collection of the former director of the Gallimard Archives and by donations and transfers of André Gide’s working library, thus constituting a literary collection dedicated to the first twentieth century.

Composed of autograph letters, bookplates, original editions, etc., this unique collection is the subject of studies, some of which have given rise to publications.

As part of the André Gide – Jean Schlumberger Centre Prize, Laurence Campa (CAGJS Prize 2011) published in 2013 at Gallimard her Guillaume Apollinaire (coll. Biographies) and the Cendrars Album in the La Pléiade collection. Music and Desire in André Gide’s works (Classiques Garnier, 2020) has just been published by Augustin Voegele (CAGJS Prize 2017) and Gide & Rosenberg. Correspondence 1896-1934 (PUL, 2021) by Nikol Dziub (CAGJS Prize 2018).

Paulhan and his opposite (Gallimard, 2011) is the result of a residential study by Patrick Kéchichian who came to Les Treilles in 2009.

Following a stay by the Proust team in 2017, in which Nathalie Mauriac Dyer and Caroline Szylowicz participated, Françoise Leriche published Three letters to Albert Flament and François Proulx, A letter to Léon Bailby in the Proustian Information Bulletin n° 48.

In addition, Alexandre Mare wrote his essay René Crevel – Wisdom is not difficult (La Nerthe, 2016) following his study of the author’s correspondence with J. Schlumberger.

Finally, the series of the Analects of the Fondation des Treilles in the Cahiers de la Nouvelle Revue Française (NRF) also hosts the proceedings of seminars held at the Treilles whose object was the study of this collection: The NRF place in the literary life of the 20th century: 1908 – 1943 (dir. Robert Kopp), Gallimard 1911-2011 – Readings of a catalog (dir. Alban Cerisier), A world of letters: the authors of the first NRF in the mirror of their correspondence (dir. Peter Schnyder and Robert Kopp) .