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Due to the current health context, seminars will not take place but we will welcome 2 residential studies, as well as our first photographer. RESIDENTIAL STUDIES Sophie Lalanne : « Le roman, la cité et l'Empire  » (the Novel, the city-state and the empire) The

Due to the current health context, the seminars and residential studies originally planned this month will not take place. The photography prize winners  The photographers who have won the Treilles Foundation Photography Prize have looked at the Mediterranean world. Personal, sometimes even

Because of the current health context, this month' seminars and residential studies have been cancelled. Author's Residency : Clément Bénech Our author is currently at the foundation working on his next novel "The belonging of Jeanne Popescu" or "Made in France". The meeting

Because of the current health context, seminars and residential studies have been cancelled. SEMINARS Seminar "Self-organization of biological systems" organized by Thomas Lecuit From March 2 to 7, this seminar will bring together 20 scientists coming from different areas of cell and

In February, the seminar season gets back on track, with a lot of new topics and interesting meetings planned this year. Keep yourself updated about the Foundation's programme by subscribing to our newsletter. FSER Seminar : Comparative morphogenesis of plants and

In January at the Fondation des Treilles Jurys "The photography prize" From 24 to 26 January 2020, the jury for the "Photography Prize" will meet in order to select, for the year 2019, three photographers from the 72 applications received. Welcomed in 2020 at

In November at the Fondation des Treilles Seminars « Growth, Patterning and scaling during development » organized by Jean-Paul Vincent (FSER). The meeting will bring together, developmental biologists, mathematicians, evolutionary biologists, and human geneticists to explore the mechanisms ensuring that perfectly proportioned organs are reliably formed. The

In October at the Fondation des Treilles Seminars FSER Seminar « Stem cells and stress response » organized by Emmanuelle Passegué. Stem cells, by their ability to differentiate into a wide variety of cell types, play a crucial role in the development, growth and