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January 2021

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January 2021

All the teams from the Fondation des Treilles wish you a happy new year 2021 !


The photography Jury

For its 10th édition, the Photography prize jury, chaired by Laura Serani, will meet at the end of January to review the applications received last autumn and to award the prize for the year 2021. In January of each year, the jury meets to award the “Photography Prize” to support a creation project whose theme is necessarily linked to the Mediterranean world. The prize is awarded to 2 or 3 photographers who share the 8 months of annual residence.


The research blog

At the end of each seminar or residential study, the Fondation des Treilles research blog disseminates in French and English the programs and reports of the interdisciplinary meetings hosted on the estate. Every month new texts are published, and most of the archives available since 1981 are now online.

New ! The archives from 1997 and 1998 are now published.

Discover the 2021 activities here.


Seminars 40 years anniversary   

First called “symposiums”, they then became “seminars” and have brought together researchers from all walks of life since 1981. Initially, they were hosted at the “Fonction” House, and then joined the nerve centre of the Foundation: “La Grande Maison”, where the library, the seminar room, the kitchen and the dining room are located. The Foundation’s missions have quite naturally determined the structure of its hosted seminars : an original and innovative theme, as well as a small number of participants (limited to around twenty people) made up of new and experienced researchers, which favours exchanges. The relatively short duration (Monday to Saturday) of the seminars encourages the effective presence of each participant throughout the week and promotes a program that leaves plenty of room for questions and discussions, both during the sessions and on an informal basis. About half of the participants work in France or in other European countries, and many come from more distant countries : the United States, China, Australia or Japan, just to name a few.



You can apply to the Author’s residency Prize until the 31st of January (2022 season)