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A world of letters

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A world of letters

A world of Letters, The authors of the first NRF in the mirror of their correspondence

As a continuation of the publications in the Analects of the Fondation des Treilles, in the Gallimard series, “the NRF notebooks”, a new volume entitled “Un monde de Lettres : Les auteurs de la première NRF au miroir de leurs correspondances” (A world of Letters: the authors of the first NRF in the mirror of their correspondence), will be published on April 15.

The Nouvelle Revue Française, created in 1909, has offered critical intelligence and literary creation one of their greatest celebrations. The correspondence exchanges which accompanied its foundation played a central role in its animation.

Emanating from the work of a colloquium held at the Fondation des Treilles in 2018, this book brings together original contributions on the letter writing practices of André Gide and the founders of the NRF, as well as that of a few relatives such as Charles-Louis Philippe, Jules Romains or Pierre Drieu La Rochelle. These studies are followed by unpublished letters between Jacques Copeau and Jean Schlumberger and between Jean and Suzanne Schlumberger. [find out more]