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The Author’s Residency Prize Laureates

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The Author’s Residency Prize Laureates


For its 13th edition, the jury met on April 28 and June 16, 2020. Among the 25 applications received, the jury selected the projects of Dimitri Bortnikov, Garance Meillon and Geneviève Parot, which will be hosted next year at the Foundation.

Dimitri BORTNIKOV : writer of Russian origin, he intends to write a novel : “The tomb of Parsifal” on the eternal battle between good and evil. A Franco-Russian writer engages as a cook alongside “pro-Western” rebels in the war in Ukraine. Armed with a simple ladle, he contemplates war. He becomes the laughingstock of all the detachment … His war will last only a few months, and this short period will be for him the discovery of the man in arms in all his misery disarmed by death and its unexpected splendor.

Garance MEILLON : writer and director, she plans to write a novel “Better than that” by making a chronological examination of her sentimental life, a simple and linear method which will not only give a glimpse of the emotional mechanics which is every time at work, and always pushes her to want “better than that” but also of how her relationship with her body changes with the constantly evolving times : indeed, between the 2000s and today the point of view on women has considerably changed.

Geneviève PAROT : writer, actress and teacher, she intends to write a fiction on the limited span of human life and euthanasia. She imagines a fiction lying in the near future, between dystopia and farce : the burden represented by the cohort of inactive and unproductive (but not dependent) elderly people, experienced as a “bottomless pit”, has become unbearable. Thus, a new concept germinated in the circles of power, which led to the creation of a tool to implement it : the Establishment of Training for a Dignified Departure. The aim is to make the interested parties contemplate, then accept and finally desire their own disappearance.