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July 2020

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July 2020

In July, we will welcome 3 residential studies and the André Gide Jean Schlumberger Centre  prize.


Annie Cohen Solal : « Picasso the foreigner »

It is an essay on how the status of “foreigner” in France (1900 to 1973) impacted the work and career of Pablo Picasso. As one the leading artist of the 20th century, Picasso was not often considered with the tools of social history which, in addition to the history of art, makes it possible to grasp his status in the French society at the time. How did the different waves of xenophobia affect him ? How did the rejection of his application for naturalization in April 1940 affect his work during the period of occupation ? How did he finally organize his place on the French territory, choosing in 1955 to live in the south in the midst of a world of local artisans ?

Haud Gueguen : « The possible intersection of philosophy and the social sciences »

The “possible” is a centuries-old concept that spans the whole history of philosophy. It admits a plurality of meanings that are well documented by the historians of philosophy. The project of this work is to question a certain number of contemporary uses of this concept allowing to extract two new acceptations from it: on the one hand, what one could qualify as a “critical and emancipatory” acceptance in which “the possible” therefore tends to identify with the concept of utopia, and on the other hand, a “counterfactual” meaning which aims to epistemologically be at the base of the historian and sociologist approach. It is a question of bringing to light two original and relatively recent acceptations of the concept of “the possible”, as well to question the relations which they maintain with each other, as to underline their deep topicality.

The André Gide Jean Schlumberger Centre

Nikol Dziub : « The cellars of the Kremlin: André Gide and The Nouvelle Revue Française facing the USSR »

She obtained the 2019 prize for her research project, in the context of which she studied in particular the Russian and Ukrainian translations of Gide’s works published until the major break caused by the publication of « The return of the USSR » (1936), as well as those published after the fall of the Soviet Union.


The 2021 laureates of the Author’s Residency Prize

For its 13th edition, the jury met on April 28 and June 16, 2020. Among the 25 applications received, the jury selected the projects of Dimitri Bortnikov, Garance Meillon and Geneviève Parot, which will be hosted next year at the Foundation.

Dimitri BORTNIKOV : writer of Russian origin, he proposes to write a novel: “The tomb of Parsifal” on the eternal battle between good and evil. A Franco-Russian writer engages as a cook alongside “pro-Western” rebels in the war in Ukraine. Armed with a simple ladle, he contemplates war. Becomes the laughingstock of all the detachment … His war will last only a few months, and this short period will be for him the discovery of the man in arms in all his misery disarmed by death and its unexpected splendor.

Garance MEILLON : writer and film director, she plans to write a novel “Mieux que ça” (Better than that) by making a chronological examination of her sentimental life which, however, will not only give a glimpse of the emotional mechanics which is at work each time, and which always pushes her to want “better than that”, but also to what point her ever changing relationship with her body : Since the 2000’s, the point of view on women has considerably changed.


From June 26 to November 1st, 2020, the Bemberg Foundation in Toulouse, is welcoming ” De l’autre côté du rêve ” (On the other side of the dream), an exhibition designed by Danièle Giraudy who selected twenty of the artists collected by Anne Gruner – Schlumberger. Surrealist painters, including Ernst and Brauner whom the founder particularly liked, African masks and jet weapons, immaculate dishes by Picasso, a flock of sheep created by Lalanne, no less than 130 works staged by Constance Guisset come to tie this dialogue of cultures, between creation and reflection, so essential to the Fondation des Treilles.


Calls for candidates for the organization of a small residential study group is open until the 21st of September 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Fondation des Treilles is unable to open applications for seminars and large group residential studies.