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November 2023

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November 2023


Seminars and residential studies

The Holy Earth Project – Seminar organized by Alessandro Morbidelli and Thorsten Kleine from November 6 to 11.

This research project concerns the formation of protoplanetary disks, in which planetary formation begins. The objects of the solar system, planets, meteorites, comets, keep track of the evolution of the protoplanetary disk, through their chemical and isotopic composition and, in certain cases, their paleomagnetism. This meeting brings together experts in the cosmochemical constraints of the Solar System, observers of star formation, experts in MHD simulations of solar convection and planetary formation. By comparing different knowledge, in a multidisciplinary approach, the goal is to achieve a coherent vision of the process of formation and evolution of the star and the disk.

The 19th century, our contemporary – organized by Johann Chapoutot from November 20 to 25.

The 19th century is largely unknown to the general public, because it has been obscured, since the 1990s, in the programs and practices of secondary education. The poor relation of general historical consciousness, the 19th century appears like our contemporary: through the major trends (economic, social, cultural) which structure it and which extend into the 21st century. But that’s not all: this century, intellectually fertile as rarely, is also that of a multitude of possibilities that did not happen, of futures envisaged, desired, but stifled by monster events like the First World War. It is therefore a question of rediscovering a lively and open 19th century, rediscovered by a talented historiographical school careful not to too much in a hurry to put the seals of 1914, this great catastrophe, on an unprecedented human experience. This century, after all, is it not also the one that tried to make history and hope rhyme?


The Author’s residency

Eugène Ebodé

Born in 1962 in Douala, Cameroon, Eugène Ébodé is administrator of the chair of African literatures and arts at the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco and professor at Lansana Conté University in Sonfonia, Guinea.

His fictional work presents a diversity of territories, continents and themes. His project tells the life of the young Neapolitan Angelina Salomone. She will fall in love with a young priest, Francesco Saponaro, who returns from Africa where he spent his early years as a priest. This love, first secret then stifled by the two young people, will explode one stormy evening. [learn more]

The Photography Prize

Julie Bourges

Julie Bourges weaves her story of women and the sea.
After The Witch’s Hand, inspired by the story of Cécile, a young woman ship’s carpenter in French Catalonia, and Les eaux-fortes, following in the footsteps of the rare female sailor-fishermen, she wishes to open a new chapter of her project in meeting women sailors. Cécile’s story, written in French Catalonia, is the first part of this collection which she was able to continue by producing a new chapter on women sailors-fishermen: Etchings. [learn more]

The composition prize

Tomás Bordalejo

The work of our first winner is part of a true compositional research marked by a constant dialogue with the arts, architecture, town planning, and even philosophy. His project is centered around an instrument with deep Mediterranean roots and a history marked by migration: the mandolin. [learn more]

Applications call

Application forms are still open for:

the 2024 season

– the author’s residency prize (until 31st of December 2023)