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January 2022

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January 2022

All the Fondation des Treilles teams wish you a Happy New Year 2022!


Jury of the Photography Prize

For its 11th edition, the jury of the Photography Residency Prize, chaired by Jean-Luc Monterosso, will meet at the end of January to study the applications of the candidates received this autumn and to designate the winners for the year 2022. Each year, the jury is held in January to award this prize in order to support a creation project whose theme is necessarily linked to the Mediterranean world. The prize is awarded to 2 or 3 photographers who are spread over the 8 months of annual residency.


The treasures of the Fondation des Treilles: Arp, Brauner, Ernst, Picasso, Takis …

“From January 21 to May 29, 2022, the Fondation de l’Hermitage unveils, for the first time in Switzerland, a selection of the greatest masterpieces of the Fondation des Treilles. “The exhibition imagined for the Hermitage offers a striking dive into the world of Max Ernst and that of Victor Brauner, the two artists most richly represented in the collection. It also provides many surprises with, among others, a spectacular flock of fourteen Sheep by sculptor François-Xavier Lalanne, and a flight of birds lithographed by Georges Braque, straight from “L’Ordre des Oiseaux” (1962) by the poet Saint-John Perse. love of Anne Gruner-Schlumberger for Mediterranean culture, by making an antique horse’s head interact with painted wood reliefs by Hans Arp, and “white paste” ceramics by Pablo Picasso with sculptures thrown towards the sky by Takis . “

Exhibition commissioner
Marie-Paule Vial, Honorary Chief Curator, in charge of the Fondation des Treilles’ collection
Sylvie Wuhrmann, Fondation de l’Hermitage Director.

Exhibition “The 10 years of the Photography Prize” at the Maison de la photographie in Toulon.

Until February 28, 2022, come and discover the photographic collection built over 10 years as part of the Residency Prize for Photography at the Maison de la photographie in Toulon (rue Nicolas Laurier / Place du Globe). Free entry from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on Monday and public holidays).

40 years of research, creation and publications

Everyone cares for everyone …

Cross of the philosophers, the definition of man follows immediately from the comparison. The beast kills the different while man tolerates it, protects it, saves it and ends up cultivating its difference. It is seldom written in books, but can be heard in hospital beds or delivery rooms. Are you born weak, different, abnormal? Here is a man, you have just been born Son of Man.

Michel Serres. Les Treilles, 1994-1996

We began this cycle with Michel Serres, which covers 40 years of publications at the Treilles, and we end up with him through this sentence taken from the work he published in collaboration with André-Robert Chansolle at Hermann editions in 1997: A visage différent. L’alliance thérapeutique autour de l’enfant meurtri (A different face. The therapeutic alliance around the bruised child), following the seminar La malformation visible – Alliance de soins autour de l’enfant (Visible malformation – Care alliance around the child). The importance given to care in its broadest sense is the common thread of the Treilles publications in the medical field. From the thesis of Catherine Koering in 1995, following a stay at the Treilles in 1989, Anti-cancer strategies: study of a modular system of parvoviral oncosuppression, to the publications of young researchers such as Julie Tomas and al. in 2016: High-fat diet modifies the PPAR-γ pathway leading to disruption of microbial and physiological ecosystem in murine small intestine, PNAS ou Manfred Accrombessi en 2018 : Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Malaria in the First Trimester of Pregnancy, in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, et Cohort profile : effect of malaria in early pregnancy on fetal growth in Benin, in BMJ Open Access, the Foundation has once again been a melting pot for research.

This development of thought also characterizes the work of Professor Jean-Philippe Assal, which will give rise to numerous seminars in Tourtour under the aegis of the Research and Training Foundation for Teaching the Sick in Geneva. These multidisciplinary meetings will be the subject of the publication of several DVDs and the publication in 2020 of the Sensory Passport, published by Planète Santé following the seminar Sens et reconnaissances : vers un passeport sensoriel (Meaning and recognition: towards a sensory passport) organized at Les Treilles in 2016.

Most publications in the field of medicine will be accessible in specialized journals such as Interventional Neuroradiology, where we find in 1996 the article by Claudio Testa on page 59 of volume 2, article born following the seminar of 1995 A meeting of neurosurgeons and therapeutic neuroradiologists or as Nature Medecine, in which  Hugues de Thé  will publish in 2008 Eradication of acute promyelocytic leukemia-initiating cells through PML-RARA degration. 14, 1333 – 1342, taking the same path as his father Guy, eminent oncologist and active member of several learned societies. Indeed, the latter will publish in 1999 a brochure on the meeting “The health of mother and child” organized in October 1998 at the Treilles Foundation jointly with the Royal Swedish Academy and the Academy of Sciences of Paris, a meeting in which Yves Quéré took part in particular, who gives us his témoignage (testimony) on these collaborations that are essential to the advancement of science.

Finally, and the circle will be definitively closed, we must point out in 2001 the publication of the Book of Medicine by Editions du Pommier, again under the direction of Michel Serres and Nayla Farouki, a collective work in which doctors and their editor, after a joint stay in Tourtour in 1998, attempted to define the first bases of an encyclopedic work.

You can find all the chronicles “1981-2021: 40 years of seminars and publications” on the foundation’s research blog.

Call for applications

If you wish to apply to the 2022 Author’s Residency Prize for a residency in 2023, don’t forget to fill in the application form before the 31st of January 2022.

Calendar of the 2022 activities 

Discover the provisional schedule of activities that will be hosted at Les Treilles in 2022