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February 2024

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February 2024

Seminars and residential studies

from 19th to 24th February
Learning and teaching with system archetypes /apprendre et enseigner avec les archétypes de systèmes.
Organized par Dennis Meadows and Gillian Martin Mehers

Recent droughts, floods, pandemics and food shortages are just the first examples of the problems that need to be resolved for more sustainable development. To achieve this, it is important to widely disseminate systems thinking – the ability to look beyond the short-term, local consequences of decisions to their broader, longer-term effects. This seminar aims to discuss the creation of a standard repository on system archetypes. [learn more]

The Musical Composition Prize

Tomás Bordalejo

Will stay at the Foundation in February. Sacem “Francis and Mica Salabert” Prize 2022, Tomás Bordalejo is a laureate of the Banque Populaire Foundation, and in 2019 he won the prize from the Tribune of Composers of Argentina (TRINAC). His project will be centered around an instrument with deep Mediterranean roots and a history marked by migration: the mandolin. [learn more]

The Photography Prize and the Escourbiac – Fondation des Treilles Prize

The photo jury met at the Fondation des Treilles on January 20 to choose the 3 winners of the Photography Prize as well as the Escourbiac Prize – Fondation des Treilles. The presentation of the new winners will take place at our partner, the Initial Labo gallery, on February 15.

The Treilles blog

The glass routes: systems of exchange in the medieval world

Seminar organized by Nadine Schibille from October 9 to 14, 2023

The objective of this seminar was to question the role that glass played in the medieval economy and what the study of glass can teach us about the social and economic history of the medieval Mediterranean. [Learn more]