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November 2019

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Automne O. Monoyez

November 2019

In November at the Fondation des Treilles


« Growth, Patterning and scaling during development » organized by Jean-Paul Vincent (FSER).

The meeting will bring together, developmental biologists, mathematicians, evolutionary biologists, and human geneticists to explore the mechanisms ensuring that perfectly proportioned organs are reliably formed. The discussions will focus on growth termination as well as on the coordination between patterning and growth.

Author’s Residency Prize

Eddie Breuil is pursuing the three-month residency he has been awarded for writing an essay entitled «  A Beam in the Eye ». The approach adopted is a critique of the phenomenology of art; was the work of Roger Caillois and Henri Meschonnic sufficiently measured? This free essay leads to a defense and illustration of the art of seeing, reading and hearing.

Photography Residency Prize

Clément Chapillon will come back for his documentary work on the Amorgos island. In the continuation of his project “Promise Me a Land” in Israel / Palestine, this island territory is explored: the island of Amorgos located in the heart of the Aegean Sea and which represents to him both a kind of catharsis and the heart of the Mediterranean soul. His testimony will question the identity of its inhabitants, their way of life, and try to differentiate myth and reality.


If you are a young researcher (3rd year doctorate or postdoc), do not hesitate to apply for the “Young researcher” prize of the Fondation des Treilles. Details on applications are available here : Young researcher prize.

Applications are also open until the 15th of December 2019 for André Gide-Jean Schlumberger Centre Prize (for 2020-2021), and until the 31st of January 2020 for the Author’s Residency Prize (for 2021).


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