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December 2022

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December 2022


This month we are making a break in order to prepare the 2023 activities.


Author’s Residency Prize : Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse

Let’s come back to Beata’s reading session at the Draguignan media library on November 19, 2022.

Her residency project : the convoy

In the book written during her residency, she will approach the theme of the Rwandan genocide by telling the story of the victims, humanitarian workers and journalists, but also of the genocidal authorities, who were present in the convoy where she was on June 18, 1994 [read more].


The sheep of the collection

Château Borely in Marseille welcomes François-Xavier Lalanne’s sheep until March 12, 2023.

Anne Gruner Schlumberger (1905 – 1993) was one of the first collectors to acquire François-Xavier Lalanne’s “Pour Polyphème” set for her Treilles estate in Tourtour.

The Foundation is not open to the public, but in a spirit of sharing that has always been hers, Anne Gruner Schlumberger had planned that works from her collection could nevertheless be exhibited: they are regularly the subject of traveling exhibitions [find out more more].

Château Borély, Musée des Arts décoratifs, de la Faïence et de la Mode 132 avenue Clot Bey, 13008 Marseille. [learn more].

Call for applications

Application deadlines :

– The Author’s Residency Prize  (for 2024) : October 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023

– The Musical Composition Prize  (for 2023) : October 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022


A neural crest perspective on cranio-facial development

The neural crest is an embryonic stem cell population that migrates throughout the embryo to form a wide range of derivatives, including much of the head skeleton. A group of seventeen investigators, ranging from senior experts in the field to starting faculty and advanced graduate students, met from October 10-15, 2022, in the unique environment provided by Les Treilles, to enable in depth discussions that led to detailed insights into the secrets of neural crest and craniofacial development. This meeting brought together a highly international group of scientists from North America and Europe with a common interest in neural crest cells. Most importantly, all attendees were asked to focus on the interplay between what is known regarding early neural crest development and how this translates into the events that lead to formation of craniofacial structures. To this end, each invitee presented an hour-long presentation including ample discussion time. The presentations provided valuable insights into how errors that occur at early developmental stages may affect proper formation of facial structures and lead to human birth defects. While neural crest and craniofacial researchers are studying similar cell types at different developmental stages, in the past there has often been little interactions between the two communities. At Les Treilles, this group participated in active exchange of ideas that highlighted their common interests, stimulated new ideas, shared the latest technologies and promoted numerous collaborations. [en savoir plus]

 Find out the video presentation of the seminar by Philippe Soriano and Marianne Bronner on our Youtube channel.