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Musical Composition Prize – Terms and conditions of participation

  -    -  Musical Composition Prize – Terms and conditions of participation

1. Duration and period of stay

The duration of stay cannot exceed the duration granted by the jury. It must take place when the foundation is open to seminars (from March to July and from September to November).

The effective dates of stay, and its possible division, are fixed in agreement with the management of the foundation. When the 1st of the month is a Friday, the prizewinner is welcomed on the following Monday. When the last day of the month is a Sunday, he/she must leave the previous Saturday before 12 noon.

2. Prize Payment 

The amount of the prize is 2,650 euros monthly. This is paid at the end of each month, after deduction of any costs.

3. Moving and reimbursements

A single return trip and transfer by taxi from Nice airport or Les Arcs-Draguignan train station are paid by the foundation (based on a rate list) upon presentation of a travel proof. The Foundation is part of a sustainable development approach. This is why we appreciate that the resident coming from France travels by train rather than by plane. Additional travel is under the responsibility of the resident.

4. Daily life at Les Treilles

The resident benefits from an individual accommodation, where breakfast and lunch are taken. Evening meals are taken together with the seminars guests, at the Grande Maison. When there is no seminar, the evening meal is taken in the accommodation.

Cleaning and linen change are provided by the foundation’s staff once a week. Residents are asked to keep the premises clean. Failing this, the foundation’s management reserves the right to invoice the service.

The maintenance of personal linen is the responsibility of the resident who can use a laundry room.

The foundation provides an upright piano, a keyboard, a sound card and speakers. Additional needs are under the responsibility of the laureate.

In the event of deterioration of equipment, the corresponding costs are under the responsibility of the resident.

The resident also benefits from access to the foundation library. Books can be borrowed during your stay.

For specific requests, please consult the library’s online catalog at the following address: and send a message to The Foundation would be grateful if the resident could deposit his or her most recent musical work, published in the form of a score or audio support, to enrich the Foundation’s musical library.

In case of occasional absences during your stay, it is necessary to inform the secretariat at least 7 days in advance in order to allow better management of the services (cooking, cleaning, guarding, library, booking taxis, etc.).

The Treilles domain offers the possibility of beautiful walks. A swimming pool (unheated), a tennis court and a bicycle without electric assistance are available to the resident. Please note that the Foundation is also a forestry and agricultural estate whose teams intervene regularly on the land. Despite their discretion, it might sometimes be noisy.

5. Receiving and sending mail

The resident can receive his/her mail to the following address: Fondation des Treilles, 705 chemin des Treilles, 83690 Tourtour – France. Mail departs every day at noon from the secretariat but can also be deposited at the library of the Grande Maison, for a departure the next day. Stamping is under the responsibility of the resident.

6. Visitors

The domain of Treilles is a private domain, not open to the public.

The spouse, partner/companion or assistant are allowed to stay at Les Treilles for short periods, decided in agreement with the management. They are housed in the same house as the boarder. The foundation secretariat must be notified at least 7 days in advance. A contribution to accommodation costs is required (according to a price list).

On the other hand, children, even adults, or other family members, friends, etc. are not admitted at the foundation. The same is true for pets.

7. Vehicles

The estate is isolated, 4 and 8 km from the nearest villages. To circulate within the estate, given the distance from the houses, it is recommended to come with your own vehicle.

Failing this, the foundation can provide you with a vehicle during your stay for a fee (defined by the foundation direction).

Fuel costs as well as any damage caused to the vehicle (within the limit of the deductible) are under the responsibility of the resident. 

8. Link with the foundation other activities

A summarized biography is requested before your arrival. It will be put on our website and displayed in the foundation library. The resident can mention the prize on his personal web page with a link to the Treilles Foundation website.

If the resident wishes, exceptionally, to attend part of a seminar, he must make the request to the person in charge of the reception of the seminar, who will ask the question to the organizer. Under the same conditions, the resident may propose to make a presentation on the work he is doing.

9. Respect for people and premises

The entire foundation’ staff ensures the well-being of its guests and the smooth running of their stay. In return, the basic rules of courtesy and respect (dress code, house tidying…) must be observed.

10. Commitments towards the foundation following the stay

  • Sending a short report (1-3 pages) describing the work experience at Les Treilles and the missions outside, within two months after the end of the stay.
  • Mentioning the Fondation des Treilles on each publication or exhibition related to the project.
  • Leaving at least a copy of your score to the Foundation Musical Library.


Failure to comply with this regulation may jeopardize the duration of the stay and the missions and, consequently, the prize payment.